Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Cycling into Ellesmere

I decide to cycle to Ellesmere this morning to do some weaving at my exhibition in SPACE. Thought I would go all the on my electric bike along the canal. Now I have cycled on this bike to Ellesmere with no problem. But didn't check the mileage along the canal. This happens to be more than 5 miles longer than going by road. hence the ******** battery on the bike ran out about 5 miles before Ellesmere. 5 Miles cycling on a bike that weighs around 28kgs is really no fun and to cap it all I got stung by something on my back. Picture me stopping really quickly ripping off my top with no care if anyone was around and dancing around swearing like mad. I was REALLY glad to get to Ellesmere

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Magical Sunday Morning

Got up just after 4am today and cycled down to the River Dee in pitch darkness. There were at least 3 foxes calling in the woods at the end of the road when I got up and several owls hooting as well.
I had to slide down a about 15ft down steep slop on my bum to get to the river and then sat and watched the sky lighten and many bats fly around.
I took loads of photos trying to actually take a pic of a bat but, just could not do it

It was absolutely magical watching the sky lighten and hearing all the birds wake up. I had to make myself leave otherwise I could have stayed there all day
 I really enjoyed my bacon butties when I got home though.